Flat tire prayer

Driving down 35W, I’m praying about what my life looks like for the next couple of months – asking for provision, guidance, care, a miracle would be good – when my tire pops loudly. I manage my way up to the corner of 35th, and think to myself “was this the answer to my prayer, and if so, what does it mean?” I call Dan and start trying to figure out how to fix my tire, when I notice “Heather”. She’s beautiful. 31, pregnant and homeless. As Dan takes care of the tire and grabs a meal for Heather, her and I talk for a while and she tells me her story. Without a doubt, she needs help. In an instant, my prayer changed. Now I want all those things I wanted for myself, for her. I realize, I received my answer from God, “Don’t worry about your life…” Matthew 6 is playing in my heart.

I just need to remember all these things.10649672_10152740813492835_5033095289024217907_n.jpg

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