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Human Trafficking // Sexual Slavery and Child Sacrifice


Two weeks from today, I will attempt to run my 4th (official) marathon. I started running for clean water back in 2010, but I’ve decided it’s time for a change. For this one, it’s going to be about human trafficking – sexual slavery & child sacrifice. You’re thinking WHAT?! I thought you were completely sold out for clean water?!

I am. That hasn’t changed. In fact, I feel more passionate today about clean water than I ever have before. Here’s why.

Women and children throughout rural parts of Africa walk, on average, 6 kilometers every day  to collect water for their families. While they walk, they are left completely exposed and vulnerable to predators – wild animals, yes, but worse yet, human predators. Sexual predators. This water walk is one of the greatest sources of kidnapping and rape on the planet.

A few weeks ago we had a guest in the office, a colleague from World Vision Child Protection. He spoke to us about his work in the field, specifically as it relates to child sex slaves and child sacrifice. The more I heard him speak about these heinous practices that target women and children, the more my blood began to boil. This is pure evil.

It is an evil that we can help prevent when we work to provide water to these rural African communities. When the water walk goes away, the risk of someone being kidnapped, sold into slavery, raped, tortured, it’s drastically decreases.

I can’t shake this. WE NEED TO END THE WATER WALK! NOW!!

My beloved friends, water changes everything.

Last week, we mourned the loss of Harambe, the beautiful silverback gorilla, while at the same time we rejoiced that the life of little Isaiah Dickerson was spared. Thank God that precious child survived! But right now in Africa, about 1000 children under the age of 5 die EVERY SINGLE DAY due to diseases caused by unsafe water.

Thankfully, through your generosity, World Vision is currently providing one new person with clean water every 30 seconds.

You see, water is foundational. It transforms. When you give clean water, you set off a chain reaction for good. Children are freed from deadly water-related diseases. People become healthier and more productive. Girls get to go to school rather than trek long distances to gather filthy water. Less money is spent on medicine, which means more savings and more investment in things like education. With better health and more time, parents can start small businesses.

Water promises a bright future, and a full life—the kind of life God intends.

Let’s continue bringing forth God’s will, God’s intentions on earth, in Africa, as they are in heaven. Let’s end human trafficking, and so many other injustices. Let’s do it by ending the water walk.

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