The percentage of my workouts I completed this week! This is a big deal for me. Because confession time:  last year, I got way too lazy with my marathon training. I had a really cocky, really passive attitude.

I know I can finish a marathon. I’ve done it countless times now. I can just run/walk it. I’ll just run with someone who has a slower pace than me.

Sure God. I’ll give you my body. I’ll run for you. But I’ll do it completely half-assed.

A blemished offering.

So I slacked off. Big time. And I felt like complete garbage.

I thought about quitting. I thought about quitting a lot, in fact. I’ve been running back-to-back marathons now for almost 3 years. Isn’t that enough? I deserve a break! My body must need a break, because it clearly doesn’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired. I’m bored. I’m not motivated. I should quit.

So that’s why signed up for the Ironman. WHAT?!

You see, I needed something to challenge me. I needed something that actually caused me to doubt myself and my ability. Something that required FAITH and dependence on God. Something that would force me to give 100%. Because that’s what my Jesus deserves.

All of a sudden, I’m alive again.

Now, I know I’m only 2 weeks into base-base training. This is the easy part.


This is what the first 3 weeks of base-base training looks like.

This is especially easy for me who likes to start things. I’m an Activator (according to Strengthfinders). A really, really good one, at that. Got a great idea? Let’s make it happen. Need something jump-started? I’m your girl. I’ll dive into just about anything, with or without a plan. Let me loose. Let’s go!

It’s follow-through and finishing that I’ve struggled with my whole life. I get bored and distracted, or under-challenged, and I quit.

But I can’t quit this. 

Not when I’ve got this much skin in the game. Not when it’s personal. Not when I have relationships with people in Africa that have even more skin in the game than I do. Not when I know the suffering. Not when 1,000 children die everyday. Not when over 6 million people STILL don’t have clean water.

Not when I’ve seen the incredible, sustainable change that World Vision is making in the developing world (Oh my gosh you guys – I need to bring you up to speed, but what I saw when I was in Africa last was MIND-BLOWING. More on that to come).

And not when I have this great cloud of witnesses who have faithfully supported me over the last 7 years.

And not when the transformative work of God has never been so evident and potent in my life. This one thing – running for Team World Vision – has taught me more about God and his love, and has brought me deeper into his fold, than anything I’ve ever done or been a part of.

So I’m back to giving 100%. And I like it. It’s what’s required of me.

And it’s what’s required of you too. 

“When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” Jesus in Luke 12:48

To support my efforts financially, please give to clean water here:

To join my team at the Twin Cities marathon, sign up here:

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