Got Fitted

This is a pretty boring post. Definitely not the most inspirational thing I’ve ever written. I’m just journaling the journey. So feel free to indulge yourself in my musings if you want, but I promise you, you won’t be missing much if you skip this one.

I finally got my bike (aka the bike that I’m borrowing from a friend) into the shop for a fitting today. After announcing my 39 mile birthday tri, I decided it would probably be good to figure out my bike issues before April 7th.

I got my ride in early this morning – 6am. I thought the plan called for 45 minutes today. Nope, 60. Not exactly the best time to discover that which would obviously cut into what I thought was a well thought out plan for the morning –  ride early, get the girls to school, get ready for the day, toss in a load of laundry, get my bike rack on and loaded up, and head out to my first meeting by 8am. Now I’ve lost 15 minutes to accomplish all of this. I’m already thinking cuss words and I’ve only been awake for 5 minutes.

“This is only an hour, Sinead. What are you gonna do in 4 weeks when your Wednesday workouts start to call for 75 minutes in the morning? or 90?” OH CRAP! I just now realized that this Saturday’s ride is my first 90 minute ride! GAH! Why does this seems to be increasing so fast?

So I scheduled an appointment at Gateway Cycle in Oakdale and met with their manager, Steven. Cool guy. Bike expert, shop manager and a rock n’ roll musician… of course he’s a musician. I learned a lot from him and got the necessary tweaks made. There were a lot of them.

  • The seat, I mean the saddle, needed to be raised and moved forward.
  • The handle bars were raised and the stem was shortened.
  • The arm rest paddy-thingeys on the aerobars were adjusted.
  • The cleats on my shoes were moved.
  • Tires needed air… ha! and the gear shift-thingee was adjusted so it would stop rubbing the chain and making a ton of noise.

Clearly, I need to learn some new vocabulary. But at the same time, ignorance is bliss.

I will also need to invest in a new saddle here soon. I’m currently riding on a men’s saddle which is very narrow and long, compared to a women’s model, and can be kinda painful. But for now, the adjustments that were made do feel better, and will probably help my efficiency and speed a little bit, too.

Today’s bill was $140. The new saddle will be $80. I still don’t have decent bike shorts. Thankfully I have this borrowed bike, because good road bikes start at around $1,000. Yow! This gal and her church planting hubby ain’t got time for that.

Some people wonder, why wouldn’t you just save that money and give it away – skip all the swimming, riding and running? It’s a valid question.

Here’s my simplest “its-after-10pm-and-I-need-to-go-bed” answer:

It’s sorta like Matthew 25:14-29. I guess I’m aiming for a “well done”. This is an investment – one that I hope will have a significant return for kids in Africa. I make the investment of time, money and energy, with a hope that somehow my example will inspire my friends and family to make some sort of investment as well – an investment that supports and encourages me as I face this challenge daily, that reminds me that I’m not alone on this mission, AND most importantly, one that provides water, hope and life to people who really need it.

People like this little dude from Kenya, who’s future’s so bright he needs shades. He stole my heart in 2015.

$50 provides one person with sustainable access to clean water. Invest your talents. Go for “well done.”



*** UPDATE 3/10/17 9:50am

I just got a call from Gateway Cycle. Someone called and purchased my saddle. I can go in anytime and get it put on. So I’m currently out in public with tears pouring down my face.

Thank you, whoever you are. That was incredibly, amazingly kind. This goes so far beyond improving my comfort while riding. This changes my heart. This is the kind of thing that inspires me to love more and love better. Thank you SO MUCH.

Just so blown away. I didn’t see that coming.

*** UPDATE 3/10/17 2:42pm

All done. My sit bones are SO THANKFUL.


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