61 years worth of water

When I visited Kenya for the first time in 2015, I learned about a woman named Mary. You can read her story here. She’s someone I think about often.

This morning, I found out that the pool I swim in at the White Bear Lake YMCA holds 334,000 gallons of water. So I started doing some math.


Photo cred: White Bear Area YMCA Facebook page

Mary’s family needs 15 gallons of water a day just to survive, so she walks a total of 18 miles every day to get it.

This means the water in that pool would be enough to provide water for Mary, her entire family of 9 and all their livestock for 61 years.

61 years! That’s the average life expectancy in Kenya.

Mind blown. The water that I SWIM in.

Not having to walk for water everyday would give Mary back 133,000 hours over her lifetime to do better things with her time, like play with her kids, get an education or start a business.

Because of the way that World Vision does development work – a holistic approach that is comprehensive, complex and sustainable – all these things are possible for Mary and MILLIONS of women like her.

That’s what you’re giving to when you support my Ironman efforts.

$50 gives sustainable access to one person. How many Mary’s can you provide total life change for today? Click here to give: www.teamworldvision.org/participant/sineadtris

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