Madison Training Weekend #1 in 10 Tweets

Here’s a recap of my weekend in 10 tweets.

  1. Traveling to Madison for two days of #Ironman training requires a full-sized suitcase to carry all your swim, bike and running gear.
  2. When facing into your toughest challenges, you NEED a friend like @JohnCrosland who sticks with you and can handle your dark side. #gofarthertogether
  3. The hills on Friday’s 22-mile course were unrelenting! I hate them. Thankful for @Kali & @Tye’s kindness & encouragement. #ironcouple

    The before pic. There is no after. 

  4. After the ride, I’m pretty beat up, mentally and physically. I’m drowning in doubt. I breakdown in my hotel room and want to give up. #whydidIsignupforthispost
  5. @JulieBierschenk & @LauraTalento show up at the hotel at 10:30 and by 11pm, we’re crying with laughter. SO glad they came when they did.  #smileyface17757089_10155292392173933_363619257264319610_n
  6. First time in a wetsuit. First open water swim. 40° temps. You can tell by the look on my face I am terrified. But I got in there & did it. #proud
  7. Saturday morning brought wind, rain, and bike problems on the #Ironman course and forced us to call it early. Feeling super #defeated.
  8. I LOVE my #family. They are my heart.

  9. Friends showed their love from afar and 7 more kids got clean water! #worthit
  10. My 3 biggest takeaways – relationship, humility, and resolve. “I’ll do better. I promise you, I’ll do better. I must do better.” @janekipsang  #teamworldvision


16 weeks to go.
Every child deserves clean water. That’s why I tri. Please give generously.


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